Small Love Potion Cat Long Silk Scarf as seen in Gracefully Vintage

love potion cat long long silk scarf as seen in Gracefully Vintage

Cleo Ferin Mercury create some of the most unique and gorgeous scarfs including animal themed ones like this one. They are not only super cute but also quite sophisticated at the same time. I couldn't resist this scarf in particular as it's just so super sweet...

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Cat Love Potion long scarf - designer silk scarf.jpg

Love Potion Cat

Silk Scarf

Spring Summer 2016 silk scarves as seen in Vogue

Vogue, July 2016, Color Me Beautiful issue

SS16 Small Cat Covered in Stickers Long Silk Scarf as featured in Vogue Japan's Scarf Stories.

SS16 Small Gold Jaguar Long Silk Scarf as seen in Vogue Japan's Animal Cookies feature.

Spring Summer 2016 silk scarf styled as a headscarf as seen in Vogue.

SS16 Small Mondrian Rabbit Long Silk Scarf as shown in Vogue Japan's Painter's Palette selection.


I've been out flower shopping, and it's been super cheery to get back in touch with nature. Todays ensemble is mixing up some designer scarves with yellows, which seems to be my favourite colour at the minute. 

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Fashion For Lunch - OOTD: FitFlop High Tops

Roar!! How cool is my scarf by Cleo Ferin Mercury? It’s double sided and made of silk twill. It’s like a big long tiger, wrapped in chains. I couldn’t resist styling it up with my Moschino handbag. I need to do a blog post about her new scarf collection, as it’s super amazing and I’m just not doing it justice! Head over to her website to see her amazing animal inspired scarves!

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A Clothes Horse - Outfit: Stripes & Silk Scarves

Thomas doesn't get very involved in my shopping habits. Since I buy most of my clothes online, I'm often just browsing and choosing by myself without any second opinions or even him lurking outside a fitting room. Still every once in awhile when I'm torn, I'll turn the laptop around and ask him which he prefers out of a couple of options. Case in point: silk animal scarves by Cleo Ferin Mercury. For this choice it was between Mondrian Rabbit (which I thought might be fun with the blue hair) or Arctic Wolf (which would go with a lot of things). His response, "always choose the wolf." Which sounds like solid life advice. I mean, in most scenarios wouldn't you rather be the wolf?

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Mes petits chats, mes petits coeurs au beurre,

Je suis désolée je ne suis pas venue vous voir pour cette semaine spéciale aussi souvent que je l’aurais voulu. Je ne vais pas entrer dans les détails car ce n’est absolument pas le lieu mais mon esprit était occupé par des choses personnelles pas très drôles. Tout cela mis de côté je suis très excitée de vous livrer ce shooting photo avec la très douée Charlotte Abramow, on ne la quitte plus cette petite au lemonade studio. Je voulais revisiter l’univers des films ...

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