La soie selon Cléo Férin Mercury, une affaire de bon goût - as seen on Empreintes Digitales

C'est grâce à une vente confidentielle de créateurs que je découvre avec émoi ce foulard Léopard qui attire mon attention et bien plus encore, qui me fait de l'oeil !

Cette petite merveille de soie fait partie de la collection hiver 2013 ( dont nous sortons avec peine ) de la marque Cléo Ferin Mercury.

Encore peu connue de notre chère contrée française, cette jolie marque d'accessoires établie à Londres mérite une petite investigation...

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"don't look him in the eye" - Designer Red Fox Silk Scarf as seen in Kingdom of Style

 It's a dangerous old world out there.

So when someone wants to give you advice about how to keep yourself safe, it's always best to listen.

At a birthday party recently, Our Frances was taken aside by a very earnest and concerned  lady called Amy.

Amy is 5.

"I want to tell you something, it will help keep you safe. It's about foxes. Have you ever seen foxes in your garden ?"

Frances confirmed that yes, she had seen foxes in the garden.

Amy looked concerned and proceeded to give her this very important advice

"If you see a fox in your garden run inside and lock the door. But if you can't get into your house, get into your car and lock the door

But don't ever, ever look a daddy fox in the eye..."

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Interview with scarf queen Cleo Ferin Mercury! - as seen in Pop Art Rock Girl Yeah !

I think the title of this post says it all! I’ve loved Cleo Ferin Mercury’s incredible scarves for some time now, and was tremendously excited when I got the opportunity to interview her…read on for some tres stylish scarf tips, plus info about her upcoming collection showing at Pulse (which starts this Sunday at London’s Earl’s Court)...

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Neck Candy: Designer Cléo Férin At Craftacular London! -

Cléo Férin makes pretty scarves and collars for cool girls who 'wanna have fun'. Originally from Paris, she moved to London to study surface design and has gone on to work with the likes of the late Alexander McQueen, Amechi Ihenacho and even UK pop act, Sugababes!

The illustrations on her scarves are quirky and fun. Her 'Icons' collection, which will be on sale this Craftacular on November 27 in London, celebrates BUSTie ladies such as Cleopatra, Bridget Bardo, Beyonce, Wanda Jackson and Grace Jones, and have led...

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Hibernate With Me - Designer Animal Scarves as seen in Kingdom of Style

I know nothing at all about the person behind accessories label Cleo Ferin Mercury so I can't give you any background information at all about her.

But when I recieved an email about her latest work, entitled 'The Animal Friendly', I pretty much fell in love with her childlike rendering of animals such as sausage dogs, tigers and foxes...

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Iconic Neck Candy from Cleo Ferin Mercury

After the incredible success of their female icons scarf range earlier this year, it seems Cleo Ferrin Mercury have surpassed themselves yet again with their all new icon handkerchiefs collection. In-keeping with their previous offerings, Cleo’s latestcollection of intricately beautiful handkerchiefs...

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Comment booster sa chemise blanche ? - Glamour Paris

La chemise blanche, c’est le basique qu’on a toutes dans notre garde-robe. Pratique et classique, elle peut devenir un peu fade si on n’y prend pas garde. vous donne donc quelques conseils pour booster sa chemise et se faire un look impec’ sans se prendre (trop ) la tête.

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Cleo Ferin Mercury: scarf as seen in

London brand just launched in 2010, "Cleo Ferin Mercury". 
Ingenious scarf became a hot topic, posted such as VOGUE and LOOK MAGAZINE, 
it has also done collaborations with Tatty Devine. But price is also silk products, is a short type if handy and per 4000 yen.Moreover, very cute! When the put, such as the fox's will take care to decorate the neck original. That's longer type, will protect the neck smash. Other full cute design too! This Les Histoires D'amour series, NOVELIST, SAILOR, LOVERS...

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(text translated from Japanese to English)

designer silk scarves as seen in Cinemadroom Blog