Small Love Potion Cat Long Silk Scarf as seen in Gracefully Vintage

love potion cat long long silk scarf as seen in Gracefully Vintage

Cleo Ferin Mercury create some of the most unique and gorgeous scarfs including animal themed ones like this one. They are not only super cute but also quite sophisticated at the same time. I couldn't resist this scarf in particular as it's just so super sweet...

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Love Potion Cat

Silk Scarf

Crabtree & Evelyn - Five Great Gifts With Purchase - Fashion For Lunch

Cleo Ferin Mercury Crabtree & Evelyn Fashion For Lunch

Hello my friends! I was wandering around Debenhams the other day and I spotted a super cool overnight bag by Moschino. It took a split second to realise, ‘OMG! This amazing bag is free with a fragrance!’. I started looking around at all the other gift with purchases and then I headed into some other department stores; Liberty, House of Fraser etc. to scope out more....

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Fluffy Pink Faux Fur Scarf as seen in Sara is in Love with...

Designer Faux Fur Scarf as seen on Sara is in Love With

I loved pink for a long time, but recently it's becoming more: It started to turn into what black is for others. I feel like a veil was lifted from my eyes and I can see clearly now...

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I've been out flower shopping, and it's been super cheery to get back in touch with nature. Todays ensemble is mixing up some designer scarves with yellows, which seems to be my favourite colour at the minute. 

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Fashion For Lunch - OOTD: FitFlop High Tops

Roar!! How cool is my scarf by Cleo Ferin Mercury? It’s double sided and made of silk twill. It’s like a big long tiger, wrapped in chains. I couldn’t resist styling it up with my Moschino handbag. I need to do a blog post about her new scarf collection, as it’s super amazing and I’m just not doing it justice! Head over to her website to see her amazing animal inspired scarves!

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A Clothes Horse - Outfit: Stripes & Silk Scarves

Thomas doesn't get very involved in my shopping habits. Since I buy most of my clothes online, I'm often just browsing and choosing by myself without any second opinions or even him lurking outside a fitting room. Still every once in awhile when I'm torn, I'll turn the laptop around and ask him which he prefers out of a couple of options. Case in point: silk animal scarves by Cleo Ferin Mercury. For this choice it was between Mondrian Rabbit (which I thought might be fun with the blue hair) or Arctic Wolf (which would go with a lot of things). His response, "always choose the wolf." Which sounds like solid life advice. I mean, in most scenarios wouldn't you rather be the wolf?

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Cleo Ferin Mercury as featured by TheRollinson.London

Don’t you love a good quality silk scarf? If you do, I think you’ve come to a right page. Silk always comes in style and never goes out of fashion, I’ve got quite a lot at home, too much if I’m being honest with you...

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For the love of head scarves - Forever Yours, Betty

Scarves. Just throw it around your neck and you are done, right? Wrong. Some people can really underestimate the versatility of a good scarf and the million ways you can wear them to up your outfit ante. Sure, you could just let them hang around your decolletage, but my particular favourite  has to be on my head.

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Lost in the Haze - The Little Prince

Growing up, my mum was a librarian. You can’t even begin to imagine the perks of being a librarian’s daughter! I would spend hours in the back room, curled up in a stack of cushions and bean bags, reading my way through a stack of books yet to make it to the shelf...

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Adorn Girl - CLEO FERIN MERCURY - One to Watch

Meet Cleo Mercury a Parisienne in London bringing tongue in cheek print chic to silk accessories. Itwas lovely meeting this emerging Designer at her south East studio, who already has prestigious stockists Urban Outfitters, and the V&A shop amongst others. This woman has an attention to detail...

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Fashion For Lunch - Cleo Ferin Mercury – Resort Collection

I’m a self-confessed scarf addict. I literally squealed when I saw the Cleo Ferin Mercury Resort collection. Beautiful, traditional silk square scarves with colourful and playful prints, like kawaii donuts, tea in Paris, macaroons on a tropical beach, glamorous champagne… oh la la! I love them all! They are all made from 100% silk twill with hand rolled edges too, just as a silk scarf should be!

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Forever Yours, Betty - Getting Fruity with Cleo Ferin Mercury.

Accessories. Some people are scared of how to style them but really they are just the ticket to transform any outfit. When I first lay eyes on the work of Cleo Ferin Mercury I knew that her fun sense of style would fit perfectly within my wardrobe so I was excited to get right in about her collections...

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Je dois bien avouer m’être autorisée quelques jours sans poster. J’ai profité du calme de cette période estivale pour travailler sur des articles un peu longs à préparer comme un article déco un peu spécial, mes favoris beauté de l’été et mon expérience sur ma cure ayurvedique en Thalasso. Je prends également un peu de temps pour avancer sur la préparation de mes vacances de septembre : au programme l’Italie ! En attendant place à cinq jolies choses !

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I Want You To Know - SOHO SQUARE

Just a quick one from me as I’m on my way to Heathrow on a mammoth Picadilly Line journey!  I wanted to post these pictures I took with Natasha before Autumn comes and my hair continuity gets too confusing (I’ve changed it again, don’t cha know).  It’s always been important for me to wear old stuff on the blog, mainly to prove...

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One absolute joy of having our blog, is that we meet so many interesting people, including other bloggers, many of whom have turned into friends. Kirsty from Fashion For Lunch is my latest addition, her blog is great and she has tipped me off about some really great new designers, including today’s subject, the scarf designer Cleo Ferin Mercury...

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