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Dip into the style notes of Valentino, Gucci and Emilia Wickstead by going preppy on this year's party scene

Partywear might be synonymous with low-cut necklines and high hemlines for some, but for this winter, fashion girls in-the-know will be taking a decidedly preppy approach to dancefloor dressing. No longer the staple of smart work attire, collars are now popular accents on the sparkliest of dresses...

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Adorn Girl - CLEO FERIN MERCURY - One to Watch

Meet Cleo Mercury a Parisienne in London bringing tongue in cheek print chic to silk accessories. Itwas lovely meeting this emerging Designer at her south East studio, who already has prestigious stockists Urban Outfitters, and the V&A shop amongst others. This woman has an attention to detail...

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Forever Yours, Betty - Getting Fruity with Cleo Ferin Mercury.

Accessories. Some people are scared of how to style them but really they are just the ticket to transform any outfit. When I first lay eyes on the work of Cleo Ferin Mercury I knew that her fun sense of style would fit perfectly within my wardrobe so I was excited to get right in about her collections...

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I Want You To Know - SOHO SQUARE

Just a quick one from me as I’m on my way to Heathrow on a mammoth Picadilly Line journey!  I wanted to post these pictures I took with Natasha before Autumn comes and my hair continuity gets too confusing (I’ve changed it again, don’t cha know).  It’s always been important for me to wear old stuff on the blog, mainly to prove...

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One absolute joy of having our blog, is that we meet so many interesting people, including other bloggers, many of whom have turned into friends. Kirsty from Fashion For Lunch is my latest addition, her blog is great and she has tipped me off about some really great new designers, including today’s subject, the scarf designer Cleo Ferin Mercury...

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Mes petits chats, mes petits coeurs au beurre,

Je suis désolée je ne suis pas venue vous voir pour cette semaine spéciale aussi souvent que je l’aurais voulu. Je ne vais pas entrer dans les détails car ce n’est absolument pas le lieu mais mon esprit était occupé par des choses personnelles pas très drôles. Tout cela mis de côté je suis très excitée de vous livrer ce shooting photo avec la très douée Charlotte Abramow, on ne la quitte plus cette petite au lemonade studio. Je voulais revisiter l’univers des films ...

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I Want You To Know - HELLO APRIL!

Well I think its fair to say that Spring has officially sprung (ok I may be a few weeks late and a walking cliché in saying this) and all of the things I associate with the season are now in motion.  I’ve ditched my heavy coats, dusted off my sunglasses and am trying to get back into the whole daily leg maintenance thing again, so I don’t scare the kids out there.  One of the most exciting things is switching my wardrobe over (I say switch, I mean grab a few random things from under the bed and hang them up) and re-discovering bits from previous seasons...

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Fashion Follows Her - Fashion in 5 with Cleo Ferin Mercury

1. What’s on your wish-list at the moment?

A pair of metallic gold Nike Air Max! I have seen them on a couple of cool blogs. A leather bag from Building Block and a transparent trench coat from Wanda Nylon!

2. Describe your own personal style?

Colourful and classic. I love mixing an item that’s bold and vibrant with something more traditional. I love a scarf off course, you can...

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