An interview with accessories designer Cléo Ferin Mercury - Amelia's Magazine

Cléo's latest collection celebrates six female icons including Grace Jones, Brigitte Bardot, Wanda Jackson and Beyoncé!

Written by Matt Bramford

Occasionally something pops into the fashion inbox that really gets me going. This week it was the turn of Cléo Ferin Mercury, Parisian-born London-based scarf designer.

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clip clop along with cleo... - As seen on Kingdom of Style

Earlier this week I got an email from the charming Verena from the glorious coco career to introduce me to the work of Cleo Ferin Mercury.

On the site they say of her work-

Cleo designs clothes, accessories, and patterns based on playful narratives that tell stories of childhood, romance, and pop culture. Wearing her pieces makes you feel glad to be alive!!

Those scarf designs are witty updates on the classic silk scarf (as exemplified by Hermes). 

They incorporate unconventional motifs such as bandits, guns, and nag’s heads along with more conventional, sweet elements....

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