"don't look him in the eye" - Designer Red Fox Silk Scarf as seen in Kingdom of Style

 It's a dangerous old world out there.

So when someone wants to give you advice about how to keep yourself safe, it's always best to listen.

At a birthday party recently, Our Frances was taken aside by a very earnest and concerned  lady called Amy.

Amy is 5.

"I want to tell you something, it will help keep you safe. It's about foxes. Have you ever seen foxes in your garden ?"

Frances confirmed that yes, she had seen foxes in the garden.

Amy looked concerned and proceeded to give her this very important advice

"If you see a fox in your garden run inside and lock the door. But if you can't get into your house, get into your car and lock the door

But don't ever, ever look a daddy fox in the eye..."

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