Valentine's Day favourite by Kirsty from Fashion For Lunch!

We've asked our friend Kirsty from the super cool blog Fashion For Lunch her Valentine's day favourite to give us a few inspiration, here they are!

 What’s your dream Valentine’s day treat?

I'm a low key kinda girl, so I'm always happy with something casual like falafel takeaway and Clueless on TV. However, if a man was to go all out, I wouldn't mind being whisked away for a weekend in Miami to see palm trees, pink skies and a stroll along South Beach!

What’s on your Valentine’s day whishlist? 

I am always partial to a new bottle of perfume, perhaps Jo Malone London Red Roses because it's one of my favourites and also perfect for the occasion. I would also love a Cartier Love Bangle, I have the ring, but I have always wanted the bracelet to go with it. Finally, it would be pretty special to get tickets so that we could enjoy doing something together, maybe for a ballet at the Royal Opera House in London! That would be rather lovely! 

What is your favourite Rom-Com?

Does Clueless count?! that's one of my all time favourites, or Pretty in Pink, that has romance in it, although she does end up with the wrong guy, I'm #TeamDuckie any day of the week!

pretty in pink

What is on your Valentine’s day playlist? 

I'm listening to a lot of Elton John right now, I guess the most 'valentines-y' song by him is 'Your Song' but Ellie Goulding kind of slaughtered that one, so maybe 'Don't let the sun go down on me', not so romantic, but it is a gooden. I would also have to go for The Ronettes, 'be my baby' and Lana Del Rey's 'National Anthem' and Suede 'Still Life', just because! There are some songs I never get bored of!

Top 10 Christmas songs to have on your playlist by Iko Chérie


We have asked our lovely friend Marie from the band Iko Chérie her 10 favourite Christmas songs, and here they are, enjoy a fabulous selection!! 

( BTW She just got her first album out, and it's a beauty! Check it out here!)





Christmas Time Is Here – Vince Guaraldi 

'We start with this song from A Charlie Brown Christmas, it’s beautiful and very sweet, but at the same time a little bit melancholic, just like Christmas! It’s worth watching this Peanuts video clip with Snoopy ice skating!'




Blue Christmas - Lisbonne

'A cover from a classic I did a while ago with my former project Lisbonne. It was recorded over one silent night in Brixton on an 8 track tape recorder.'




Santa Baby Eartha Kitt

'I thought for a long time that Marilyn Monroe had sung this song and apparently she never did! But this version by Eartha Kitt is cheeky and great.'




The Beatles christmas Time is Here Again

'The Beatles chant the same sentence throughout in this song, before getting into some surrealistic lyrics at the end... I dig it!'




I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas - Dent May

'The amazing Dent May released this super cool track a year ago. It’s been one of my favourite on the Christmas jukebox, sorry mamma...'



Christmas Makes Me Blue - Simone White

Because Christmas can be a little depressing sometimes and no one says it quite as well as Simone White.



Alone On Christmas Day – Phoenix

A seasonal treat from Phoenix, featuring Bill Murray! This is a cover of a Beach Boys track and Bill Murray is a cool singer.





Merry Christmas Baby – The Beach Boys

Brian Wilson talks his girlfriend into getting back with him for Christmas, with such a beautiful song, how could you say no?





Just like Xmas - Low

Quintessential Christmas beauty, which is not about Christmas, but about the magic feeling of it!





Thanks Marie :)