A look around the CFM studio

Hello, welcome to the Cléo Ferin Mercury studio!!

This is where me and my best friend/business partner Chris work on the brand together. I thought it'd be nice to start the blog with a little tour of our working space, exciting!!

The studio is in south London, a great part of London to be in! 

As you can see in the pic above (#shelfie :) the studio is full of pictures, kitsch objects, books that we have both collected throughout the years... they feed us with inspiration and they make our studio very nice to work in!!


There is a few types of object I collect such as little Mexican souvenir dolls, vintage Penguin books, pencil jars, vintage tea sets, tapestries etc... but in the office I try to keep to only a few, as we need to have enough space to store our lovely silk scarves, and all our precious admin documents.

We have a wall dedicated to our past and current model shoots, and a wall with our mood boards too (Psst.. these above are our AW15 mood boards ;)!!

You can see more pics of the studio on the lovely blog Adorn Girl.