Style Edit: All In Fruits!

We love fruit prints in Fashion, they are always a lot of fun! Here is our selection for a sull on summery look!

Mini Jaguar Scarf by  Cléo Ferin Mercury , Lemon Print Espadrilles by  Dolce&Gabanna , Cherrie Earrings by  Tatty Devine , Fruit Print Dress by  Victoria Beckham .

Mini Jaguar Scarf by Cléo Ferin Mercury, Lemon Print Espadrilles by Dolce&Gabanna, Cherrie Earrings by Tatty Devine, Fruit Print Dress by Victoria Beckham.

SS16 Sneak Peek!

Our upcoming Spring Summer 2016 collection is launching in a month time, and it's all about Fun, Holidays, Pop Art and Flower power!! Here is a sneak peek of what is coming and the inspirations.

Vintage fashion is a big inspiration in my work, I love the glamour, the style and the narrative behind these images. The two illustrations are by René Gruau a favourite of mine ;)

Pop Art was such a fun art movement, I love the bold designs, and the bright colours!  

Et voila! Here are a small selection of what's to come, we hope you'll like the new line :)

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The inspiration for our AW15 Americana collection!

Last week we launched our new Autumn Winter collection, and as some of you might have noticed, it is all about American icons. Inspired by pop culture from across the pond, and featuring iconography from American cinema, road trips, neon signs and souvenir postcards. It’s the American Dream as we imagine it! 

Here are a few images that got us started on the designs!


Neon signs on diners and motels have always been a favourite of mine, I find them so much fun! If you want to see more of these, head to our neon board on Pinterest.

I also love the Wild West and all its imagery, I am a big fan of cowboys and cowgirls and their fabulous clothing too: Bandanas, paisley prints, embroidered shirts etc.. While I found kitsch paintings of pin-ups truly beautiful! 


If you would like to see more of these head to our Wild West board on Pinterest.

We hope you enjoy the new line :)) Howdy!


The inspiration behind our animal scarves!

Watching  classic films such as To Catch a Thief by Alfred Hitchcock, The Big Sleep by Howard Hawks, and Casablanca by Michael Curtis was a big inspiration, not least because it got me into vintage clothing.

I love red lipstick, stockings with that classic line at the back!, stilettos etc.. but one of the key winter accessories in those days was the fur stole!! The rarer the animal the more valuable the fur, and therefore the more desirable the stole. Wearing a fur stole was the height of chic.

These days people are much more conscious of animal rights and fur has lost its allure. We wanted to recreate the glamour of the fur stole in a slightly tongue and cheek way that was completely animal-friendly.


We started by making silk foxes and jaguars, then added tigers and cats to the range. These proved so popular that we are now planning to expand to new animals, including pandas and wolves.

You can see some pics of bloggers and friends wearing our animal scarves below :)

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Designing a new line of scarves!

In a few days we will be launching our new Spring Summer 2015 collection on our website!! But before that I wanted to share with you the process of designing a new collection, from researching the inspirations to coming up with the final product.

Before starting any research Chris and I always begin with brainstorming ideas for new themes, until we agree! This season we have decided to go for a nautical theme. Lucky me, it’s one of my favourite topics!!


Inspiration is endless. I am thinking Japanese wave illustrations, sailors, stripes, ropes and knots, tropical flowers, and mermaids!!! I head to Pinterest to work on my moodboards, and collect a good number of images that I can use as references for designing.

I select some of my favourite images and stick them on the wall near my desk. It's great to help focus on the theme.


I start drawing ideas in my sketchbook, try different colours and scale options. I change to the computer when I have a clearer idea of what style and lay out I want to do and then start designing for real!!



I ask Chris to come and have a look a the designs regularly during the process. He always has fresh ideas and comments on the designs. Designing can take a while, and I only stop when we are both super happy with all them.

The next step is to sample the designs. For the square scarves it means sending them to our silk printer and getting them hand rolled by our seamstress. This is a crucial stage as it is often only then that we can see if the colours and sizes are right.


Finaly we modify the designs if necessary, and once we are completely happy we get them all printed, ready to show them to shops and our lovely costumers.

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