Kirsty's Christmas Wishlist!


We’ve asked Kirsty - from the great blog Fashion For Lunch - what she’s got planned for Christmas this year! And here it is, she shares with us a few of her gift ideas and favourite festive treats!

Bonjour Kirsty!

What gets you in the mood for Christmas?

If there's one thing that gets me in the mood for Christmas, it's watching Christmas films! The festive season officially starts when I hear the opening music for Home Alone and all those good vibes intensify as I work my way through Elf, Home Alone 2, Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life. I also love to watch the re-runs of old Friends Christmas-themed episodes! 

Also this year will be the first year that we will be able to get a fresh christmas tree, so I'm super excited about vacuuming up the dropped pine needles every days! I'm also thinking about getting a garland to hang down the staircase and a wreath for the door! I love decorating and Christmas is pretty much the best excuse to go to town!

Kirsty - films.jpg

What do you have on your Christmas wish list?

As for christmas wish list, well, I would LOVE to get some new pyjamas, I love the matching sets they do at Boden, I’ve had some before, they are so comfortable and such lovely quality! I’d also love to get some new slippers, a super cosy pair to keep my feet warm all winter, just like these ones here! Oh and maybe just because it is my favourite brand after all (as all my readers know), I would quite like to own one of the new Chanel sunglasses with the mother of pearl frames, they are very pretty!!

What are you planning to get your loved ones?

I will be wrapping up some bones for the dog (we just got an adorable Labrador called Gordon a few months ago), maybe a new dog lead and wellington boots for my partner and for my parents.

I also usually give them fragrances, and beauty products because I like to give them something that they can enjoy using all year long! I’ve really liked the Lime Basil and Mandarin Body&Hair oil by Jo Malone this year, and the Bobbi brown range of matt lipsticks, released this year too. Oh and one last thing: The Nap Spray! This is amazing, and literally everyone in my family is getting one this year, I’m a fan of short efficient afternoon naps, it’s crazy how 10 minutes really help with being creative and productive, you have to try!!

One last question, what will you be wearing to celebrate? 

When I finally leave the house, after celebrating and hibernating for a few days, I'll be wearing sequins and velvet from dawn till dusk! I’ve tried a few really nice dresses from Simply Be, and this one on the picture below is my favourite one, I’ll wear it with matching sequin boots, of course!

PS: If you don’t already know her blog Fashion For Lunch, head their now for great look inspos, gift guides, and beauty reviews.

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot

Happy 1st December Everyone!

It's official, the festive season is upon us and this month we want to show you our most adored
'Necklace Knot'.
We love this knot as it is such a good way to accessorise an outfit!
For this style you will need a square scarf, medium or small. Fold it into a long band by folding the two opposite corners to the middle and fold again. At the centre of the band, make a knot, not too tight, which will look like a big bead. You can either wear this around your neck as shown in the first look or decide to make two more knots on each side of the middle knot as seen in the 2nd and 3rd looks... voila!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot

Style Edit: Festival Attire!

Hello darlings! The festival season is well and truly upon us, it's official with Glastonbury taking place this weekend! This is our go-to look, casual and cute with a touch of chic brought by the silk headband!