This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot

Happy 1st December Everyone!

It's official, the festive season is upon us and this month we want to show you our most adored
'Necklace Knot'.
We love this knot as it is such a good way to accessorise an outfit!
For this style you will need a square scarf, medium or small. Fold it into a long band by folding the two opposite corners to the middle and fold again. At the centre of the band, make a knot, not too tight, which will look like a big bead. You can either wear this around your neck as shown in the first look or decide to make two more knots on each side of the middle knot as seen in the 2nd and 3rd looks... voila!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot

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This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Evening Headscarves

Happy May Day Everybody!

This month, our focus is on evening headscarves.
We love how it's such a fun and quick way to dress up for an evening out. We've selected three different looks that we hope will inspire you all.

The first look uses a long scarf wrapped around the hair and knotted on the side of the head. You can let your hair loose at the back or have it up tucked inside, both styles work very well.

The second look is from our SS17 lookbook. We used an animal scarf that we tied around the hair and knotted at the top with a big bow. It is important with this look to cover the ears and to make sure the bow is neat and even.

The third look, worn by the fabulous Greta Garbo, is using a long scarf that goes around the head but doesn't cover the top. It is worn quite low, just above the eyebrows and it is knotted on the side.

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This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - the 70's cravat knot

Happy 1st April dear readers!

This month we want to focus on the classy 70's cravat knot! It is probably one of the most versatile ways to wear a scarf. As you can see in the pictures below, you can pretty much wear this style for all occasions. From glamourous parties, to work and casual days out! 

For this look we recommend wearing a long scarf, you can also use a square scarf that is rolled inwards to make it long.

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