The ultimate Christmas film list!

8 Women by François Ozon

8 Women by François Ozon

By Michael Curtiz

By Michael Curtiz

Love Actually by Richard Curtis

Love Actually by Richard Curtis

The Grinch by Yarrow Cheney, Scott Mosier

The Grinch by Yarrow Cheney, Scott Mosier

Home Alone by Chris Colombus

Home Alone by Chris Colombus

Gremlins by Joe Dante

Gremlins by Joe Dante

It’s a wonderful life by Frank Capra

It’s a wonderful life by Frank Capra

Meet me in St Louis by Vincente Minelli

Meet me in St Louis by Vincente Minelli

Our Favourite Christmas songs!


We’ve finally been able to put a a list together of our favourite Christmas songs, it’s been tricky, but here it is! And as the days are now counting, we’re also taking this occasion to wish you all a very fabulous Christmas, full of love, fun, family and friends <3

The Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick

The Ronettes - Frosty The Snowman

Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I want For Christmas

Brenda Lee - Rockin around the Christmas Tree

Julian Casablancas - "I Wish It Was Christmas Today"

Jackson 5 - Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

The Magnetic Fields - Everything Is One Big Christmas

Belle & Sebastien - Are You Coming Over For Christmas ?

Dent May - I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas

The Best Festive Scarf Knots !

Bonjour scarf lovers!

I love looking at new ideas for knotting my scarves, it’s so incredible how you can achieve so many cool looks with one accessory! I like the idea of a beautiful hairstyle covered up with a headscarf like on the 2nd and 4th photos, as if you were protecting it and only showing half of it, also that way you work two looks in the same day.

Big bows are always cool, they just make an outfit stand out! Bows are great great as a headscarves, but also tied around the neck with or without a shirt collar.

I love the Dolce & Gabanna dress on the last row too, there might be a bit more than just knots though.. Definitely worth a try!

But I think this one below will have to be my favourite look this year, it’s so simple but so effective! It’s just a square scarf folded in half and tied around the head as to make a turban, and with some beautiful flowers clipped at the top.



The Best Christmassy Cocktails

Pomegranate Shots by Jamie Oliver.jpg

Pomegranate Shots
by Jamie Oliver

Simple and fresh, and it looks so pretty, the pomegranates floating like little rubies.

Thomasina Miers' Classic Margarita

Thomasina Miers' Classic Margarita

This is also an all-time classic, and is the best way to bring Summer back in seconds!

Hot Toddy!

Hot Toddy!

One of the classics, and an all-time favourite.

Saffron Chase by Yotam Ottolenghi

Saffron Chase
by Yotam Ottolenghi

This is perfect for a sophisticated oriental taste, saffron is a very subtle taste, but oh so delicious!

Lavender Passion Fruit Vodka Lemonade

Lavender Passion Fruit Vodka Lemonade

I am a big lavender fan, usually more for it smells than its flavour, but I really loved how it works with the passion fruit here, delish!!

Kumquat & Passion Fruit Cocktail by Nopi

Kumquat & Passion Fruit Cocktail by Nopi

This is just so nice and fruity, I’d recommend being careful with this one...

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Kirsty's Christmas Wishlist!


We’ve asked Kirsty - from the great blog Fashion For Lunch - what she’s got planned for Christmas this year! And here it is, she shares with us a few of her gift ideas and favourite festive treats!

Bonjour Kirsty!

What gets you in the mood for Christmas?

If there's one thing that gets me in the mood for Christmas, it's watching Christmas films! The festive season officially starts when I hear the opening music for Home Alone and all those good vibes intensify as I work my way through Elf, Home Alone 2, Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life. I also love to watch the re-runs of old Friends Christmas-themed episodes! 

Also this year will be the first year that we will be able to get a fresh christmas tree, so I'm super excited about vacuuming up the dropped pine needles every days! I'm also thinking about getting a garland to hang down the staircase and a wreath for the door! I love decorating and Christmas is pretty much the best excuse to go to town!

Kirsty - films.jpg

What do you have on your Christmas wish list?

As for christmas wish list, well, I would LOVE to get some new pyjamas, I love the matching sets they do at Boden, I’ve had some before, they are so comfortable and such lovely quality! I’d also love to get some new slippers, a super cosy pair to keep my feet warm all winter, just like these ones here! Oh and maybe just because it is my favourite brand after all (as all my readers know), I would quite like to own one of the new Chanel sunglasses with the mother of pearl frames, they are very pretty!!

What are you planning to get your loved ones?

I will be wrapping up some bones for the dog (we just got an adorable Labrador called Gordon a few months ago), maybe a new dog lead and wellington boots for my partner and for my parents.

I also usually give them fragrances, and beauty products because I like to give them something that they can enjoy using all year long! I’ve really liked the Lime Basil and Mandarin Body&Hair oil by Jo Malone this year, and the Bobbi brown range of matt lipsticks, released this year too. Oh and one last thing: The Nap Spray! This is amazing, and literally everyone in my family is getting one this year, I’m a fan of short efficient afternoon naps, it’s crazy how 10 minutes really help with being creative and productive, you have to try!!

One last question, what will you be wearing to celebrate? 

When I finally leave the house, after celebrating and hibernating for a few days, I'll be wearing sequins and velvet from dawn till dusk! I’ve tried a few really nice dresses from Simply Be, and this one on the picture below is my favourite one, I’ll wear it with matching sequin boots, of course!

PS: If you don’t already know her blog Fashion For Lunch, head their now for great look inspos, gift guides, and beauty reviews.

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Pin It To Win It!

Pinterest competition (blog image).jpg

Competition Time!

Create a Christmas board on Pinterest, featuring at least 5 Cléo Ferin Mercury products from our website along with any other Christmas inspired images – delicious Christmas cocktails, favourite hand-made decorations, vintage Christmas cards, pretty party dresses, cute ginger bread recipe ideas etc.. for a chance to win one of our items featured on your board! Be creative we want to see FUN images!

1. Follow us on Pinterest and create your own board called ‘My Christmas Wish List’ 

2. Re-pin the image above to your board as the board cover.

3. Pin a minimum of FIVE Cléo Ferin Mercury pieces from our website on to your board, along with fun festive images of your own, created by you or some which you have found. Make it a fun board!

4. Email the URL for your board to so we can view it :)

Make sure your board is submitted before Sunday 9th December 2018. We will pick a winner at random on Monday 10th December 2018. Good Luck!

T&C’s: Only one board per person will be accepted as a competition entry. The competition is open to all. Our favourite board will be selected on Monday 10th December 2018 and the winner will be announced on this blog and by contacted by email. Make sure you answer promptly so we can try and get your prize to you by Christmas. By emailing us your entry you agree to be signed up to our newsletter.

Christmas dinner with the CFM team!

When we started dreaming about Christmas dinners with Chris and Kirsty we realised we were all longing for completely different styles of food! What is sure is that we all love food and we thought it'd be fun to share our Christmas menus with you all :)

Kirsty is from London, and spends Christmas with her parents: 'Our Christmas menu is really British, we first start with having a few Mimosa cocktails while we wait for the meal to finish baking! And it starts, we have the roast turkey, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, Brussel sprouts, Pigs in Blankets, homemade cranberry sauce.... and for dessert we have my mum's home made delicious Christmas pudding! So much joy in one meal!'

Chris is from London but his family is from Hong Kong: 'Christmas dinner at home is great when the whole family comes around as we have a Chinese hot pot. This consists of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. we usually have a mix of food such as: veg, seafood, several types of bean curd, different finely cut meats and dumplings. What I love is that everyone has to huddle around as everybody is adding food to the hot pot. Be prepared though, you're likely to end up eating loads without realising until late into the evening! For dessert we always have a box of Fortune Cookies!'

Cléo is from Paris and that's where she spends most of her Christmas: 'We are very lucky in France because we celebrate Christmas twice! Once on Christmas eve where the menu consists mainly of homemade foie gras canapés as a starter and seafood as a main: delicious oysters, gravlax salmon, prawns etc... it is usually served with a nice potato salad and followed by cheese and a christmas log. But then comes Christmas day and we also have a roasted turkey served with chestnuts followed by cheese and a dessert too.'

Our favourite festive cocktails :)

Yes!! The festive season is upon us! Time to celebrate and over indulge! Here are our favourite cocktails, enjoy!!

Here is The Grinch Spritzer! With lime sherbet, Sprite and a dash of vodka, such a fun drink to start the celebrations!

Amazingly decadent and simply delicious the Aged  Egg Nog!

A bit of a classic but great to revisit with a seasonal fruit! The Blood Orange Mojito!

Simple yet sophisticated: Gin, Elderflower and Prosecco!

The Good Fortune! So nice to use pomegranate in a cocktail, they look like little rubies floating in the glass!

Salted Caramel White Russian... it speaks for itself :)

Happy Christmas everyone!!

Top 10 Christmas songs to have on your playlist by Iko Chérie


We have asked our lovely friend Marie from the band Iko Chérie her 10 favourite Christmas songs, and here they are, enjoy a fabulous selection!! 

( BTW She just got her first album out, and it's a beauty! Check it out here!)





Christmas Time Is Here – Vince Guaraldi 

'We start with this song from A Charlie Brown Christmas, it’s beautiful and very sweet, but at the same time a little bit melancholic, just like Christmas! It’s worth watching this Peanuts video clip with Snoopy ice skating!'




Blue Christmas - Lisbonne

'A cover from a classic I did a while ago with my former project Lisbonne. It was recorded over one silent night in Brixton on an 8 track tape recorder.'




Santa Baby Eartha Kitt

'I thought for a long time that Marilyn Monroe had sung this song and apparently she never did! But this version by Eartha Kitt is cheeky and great.'




The Beatles christmas Time is Here Again

'The Beatles chant the same sentence throughout in this song, before getting into some surrealistic lyrics at the end... I dig it!'




I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas - Dent May

'The amazing Dent May released this super cool track a year ago. It’s been one of my favourite on the Christmas jukebox, sorry mamma...'



Christmas Makes Me Blue - Simone White

Because Christmas can be a little depressing sometimes and no one says it quite as well as Simone White.



Alone On Christmas Day – Phoenix

A seasonal treat from Phoenix, featuring Bill Murray! This is a cover of a Beach Boys track and Bill Murray is a cool singer.





Merry Christmas Baby – The Beach Boys

Brian Wilson talks his girlfriend into getting back with him for Christmas, with such a beautiful song, how could you say no?





Just like Xmas - Low

Quintessential Christmas beauty, which is not about Christmas, but about the magic feeling of it!





Thanks Marie :) 


Christmas Wishlists by us and our friends!

We've asked a few of our friends to give us their Christmas wish list and to tell us what they are planning to get their loved ones, for those in need of ideas and inspirations ;))


Sabrina owner of the amazing teenage bedroom style shop Petit Koenji:“For my Kawai and Brony friends I'm gonna get them some of my vintage 80’s ‘My Little Pony’ from the shop, they will love that! I dream of owning any objects and/or furnitures by the Memphis Milano design group! I can’t wait for the days I can finally own any!'


Marawa (better know as Marawa The Amazing)  Hula hoop master, and world record for spinning 162 hula hoops at a time. 'I am dreaming of these shoes by Charlotte Olympia, they are totally amazing! I wouldn’t mind getting this amazing massage chair I have tried at the MOMA store,it's like a computer that can see inside your body giving you a massage. it was TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!’

'I am going to give everyone these amazing mesh t-shirts for christmas they are made by this Ethiopian rasta man who makes the patterns by slashing the t-shirts, he also happens to be our neighbour in Gillett Square ;) I am also going to get my mum a personalised ping pong bat by Uber Pong because she has been playing table tennis all year and is starting to get really good! My sister said we should get pictures of our 2 brothers on the bat .. not sure if that is too mean.. probably going to do it anyway..'



I have been lusting over a few things this year too, I absolutely love this crocodile ring by Zoe&Morgan, you know me I love designs with animals ;) I love this dress by Mary Katranzou for Adidas too Dear Santa :) I am thinking of getting my mum something by the lovely Rob Ryan, I love his work, and maybe a super cute novelty bag by Skinnydip for my sister, she’s gonna like that!


Nikita, the lovely fashion blogger behind Meet Me In Paree gives us her wish list too:

'I would love to get this super chic Chanel Credit Card holder, I love Jo Malone's candles too, and this set is just dreamy, and I would LOVE to finally own an Iphone 6 too!! For my sisters I am planning on gifting them some beautiful jumpers by my favourite brand Manoush :) I am taking my boyfriend to Dubai he is going to be so excited! And for my friends I am gonna get them all a lot of make up from Too Faced!!'


Margot Wagonner, owner of the beautiful vintage shop Leftovers:

'I have discovered the amazing jewellery maker Fraser Hamilton, and I am dreaming of this ring! I would also love to get one of your Ginger Cat scarves, I have a ginger cat too so it would just be perfect! I love gifting things from my shop to my friends, most of them or vintage lovers! I have this really pretty French breton top that will make a happy friend! I love the rugs by Cold Picnic, I am thinking of getting one for my husband,  fun and sassy!'



Pin it to Win it!!

Pinterest competition (blog image).jpg

Create a Christmas board on Pinterest, featuring  up to 5  products from our website along with any other Christmas inspired images – best Christmas cocktails, favourite hand made decorations, vintage Christmas cards, best party dresses, cute ginger bread recipe ideas etc.. for a chance to win one of the scarf on your board! Be creative we want to see FUN images!

1. Follow us on Pinterest and create your own board called ‘My Christmas wish list’ 

2. Re-pin the image above to your board as the board cover.

3. Pin up to FIVE Cléo Ferin Mercury pieces from our website on to your board, with fun festive images. Make it a fun board!

4. Email the URL for your board to so we can view it :)

Make sure your board is created before Wednesday 16th  December 2014. We will pick a winner at random on Thursday 17th December. Good Luck!

T&C’s:Only one board per person will be accepted as a competition entry. Entries from the UK and international will be accepted.Our favourite board will be selected on Thursday 17th and announced on this blog. make sure to answer promptly so we can try and get your prize by Christmas. By emailing us your entry you agree to be signed up for our newsletter.


Giveaway: Win a Pink Flamingo Themed Goodie Bag!-Competition ended

pink flamingo give away.jpg

*The winner of this competition is @missvickyviola! Congratulations! Please email us your details at so we can post your goodies :)*

The festive season is fast approaching and we want to mark the start with a super cute competition! As you all know this season we've gone crazy for all things Americana: fun motel signs, indulgent diner food, kitsch postcards etc! To celebrate we want to give you the chance to win a pink flamingo themed goodie bag!

One lucky winner will receive:

-One of our Pink Flamingo Detachable Collar 

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Simply follow our @CléoFerinMercury Instagram page, like the competition post, and tag 3 friends as a comment using the hashtag  #PinkFlamingoGiveaway!

Good Luck!

*T&C’s: To enter, follow Cléo Ferin Mercury Instagram page, like the competition post and tag 3 friends with the hashtag #PinkFlamingoGiveaway. Only one entry per person. We will randomly select one winner from entries posted before midnight on 27th November 2015 and the winner will receive our very special Pink Flamingo themed goodie bag! We will notify the winner via Instagram and on this blog by 1pm on 28th November 2015 good luck!