This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Scarf Bags

Happy 1st August!
This month we are all about knotting our silk scarves into bags. It is such a nice way to wear the scarves when it's too warm and it is also great to show off the pretty scarf prints! Here are two top knots created by Hermés...

Scarf bag scarf knot.jpg

You can create this style with a large or medium scarf. To start with, you will need to knot together two opposite corners making sure the knot is done at the ends which will create a long strap. Knot the remaining two corners together, this time making sure they are holding the content of the bag.

Small scarf bag scarf knot.jpg

For this look, you will need a medium square scarf. Make a knot on each four corners about 10-15cm down then knot together the adjacent corners to create two straps.

Like these looks? Why not give it a try with our medium square scarves?