This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Holiday Tops

Dear Friends and Scarf Lovers

It's official, summer has arrived! And for this reason, this month we are sharing our favourite scarf knots to create holiday tops!

The first look is by the fabulous Peony Lim using our SS15 Mermaid Medium Scarf Scarf. For this look you will need to fold two of the opposite corners of the scarf towards the middle to make a thick band, tie it around your body with a big double knot or a bow at the front.

The second Look is by Hermès using two scarves: a long scarf and a medium square scarf. Simply tie the long scarf to one of the corners of the medium scarf and tie around the neck. Next, tie the corners of the square scarf together at the back so it holds around the body.

The last look is from our SS17 look book using two small silk scarves. Simply tie both scarves together on each top corners, and wear it with a belt around the waist to hold it together.

Have a lovely summer everyone, make sure to give these knots a go!