This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Braided in Scarf Hairstyles

Hello Everyone!

This month, as the weather gets warmer, we want to show you some great hairstyles using braided in scarves. There are a lot of different options using this idea, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite three looks.

The first look is inspired by Frida Kahlo’s legendary hairstyle. For this you will need a long scarf and you will need to prepare your hair in two high pigtails with a neat middle parting. Attach your scarf with each pigtail and then divide each pigtail in three parts, the scarf being one part and braid like you would normally do. Attach at the bottom with a hairband, and pin both braids at the top of your head in the style above.

For the second look you can use pretty much any large or medium silk scarf, which you will need to fold long ways into a band. Place the scarf on your head following your hairline, and attach underneath your hair at the back. Divide your hair in three equal parts and join the two ends of the scarves to them, braid together and attach at the bottom.

For the last look, you will need a square scarf or a long scarf (if you use a square scarf you will need to fold it in half to create a long scarf). Divide your hair into two parts with a neat middle parting, and attach with an elastic hairband to create two pigtails. Attach your scarf to both hairbands, making sure you have the same length on both sides. Braid each side with the scarf, and attach at the bottom with hairbands, and pin at the top, hiding the end of the braids and scarf underneath.

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