Scarves styling as seen in Mad Men

I am a huge fan of Madmen. Set in the 1960’s, and produced by Matthew Weiner, the TV series follows the lives of men and women in an advertising company calling Sterling Cooper on Madison Avenue, New York.

The women characters are very fabulous and the styling (by Janie Bryant) is absolutely beautiful. Here are some of my favourite looks, sporting classic square scarves of course!

Gorgeous Bettie Draper (below) favours square scarves worn as bandanas - really pretty and an easy look to achieve, perfect to update a work outfit. Simply fold your square scarf in half into a triangle and drape over your shoulders. You can knot a little bow at the front if you like.


Below, Megan Draper and Joan Harris wear their scarves as headscarves. It is such a pretty look and a great way to style a scarf particularly when it gets a bit too warm to cover your neck.


Below are a few looks where Peggie Olsen, Betty and Joan wear scarves as cravats, very chic!