Christmas Wishlists by us and our friends!

We've asked a few of our friends to give us their Christmas wish list and to tell us what they are planning to get their loved ones, for those in need of ideas and inspirations ;))


Sabrina owner of the amazing teenage bedroom style shop Petit Koenji:“For my Kawai and Brony friends I'm gonna get them some of my vintage 80’s ‘My Little Pony’ from the shop, they will love that! I dream of owning any objects and/or furnitures by the Memphis Milano design group! I can’t wait for the days I can finally own any!'


Marawa (better know as Marawa The Amazing)  Hula hoop master, and world record for spinning 162 hula hoops at a time. 'I am dreaming of these shoes by Charlotte Olympia, they are totally amazing! I wouldn’t mind getting this amazing massage chair I have tried at the MOMA store,it's like a computer that can see inside your body giving you a massage. it was TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!’

'I am going to give everyone these amazing mesh t-shirts for christmas they are made by this Ethiopian rasta man who makes the patterns by slashing the t-shirts, he also happens to be our neighbour in Gillett Square ;) I am also going to get my mum a personalised ping pong bat by Uber Pong because she has been playing table tennis all year and is starting to get really good! My sister said we should get pictures of our 2 brothers on the bat .. not sure if that is too mean.. probably going to do it anyway..'



I have been lusting over a few things this year too, I absolutely love this crocodile ring by Zoe&Morgan, you know me I love designs with animals ;) I love this dress by Mary Katranzou for Adidas too Dear Santa :) I am thinking of getting my mum something by the lovely Rob Ryan, I love his work, and maybe a super cute novelty bag by Skinnydip for my sister, she’s gonna like that!


Nikita, the lovely fashion blogger behind Meet Me In Paree gives us her wish list too:

'I would love to get this super chic Chanel Credit Card holder, I love Jo Malone's candles too, and this set is just dreamy, and I would LOVE to finally own an Iphone 6 too!! For my sisters I am planning on gifting them some beautiful jumpers by my favourite brand Manoush :) I am taking my boyfriend to Dubai he is going to be so excited! And for my friends I am gonna get them all a lot of make up from Too Faced!!'


Margot Wagonner, owner of the beautiful vintage shop Leftovers:

'I have discovered the amazing jewellery maker Fraser Hamilton, and I am dreaming of this ring! I would also love to get one of your Ginger Cat scarves, I have a ginger cat too so it would just be perfect! I love gifting things from my shop to my friends, most of them or vintage lovers! I have this really pretty French breton top that will make a happy friend! I love the rugs by Cold Picnic, I am thinking of getting one for my husband,  fun and sassy!'