The inspiration behind our animal scarves!

Watching  classic films such as To Catch a Thief by Alfred Hitchcock, The Big Sleep by Howard Hawks, and Casablanca by Michael Curtis was a big inspiration, not least because it got me into vintage clothing.

I love red lipstick, stockings with that classic line at the back!, stilettos etc.. but one of the key winter accessories in those days was the fur stole!! The rarer the animal the more valuable the fur, and therefore the more desirable the stole. Wearing a fur stole was the height of chic.


These days people are much more conscious of animal rights and fur has lost its allure. We wanted to recreate the glamour of the fur stole in a slightly tongue and cheek way that was completely animal-friendly.

We started by making silk foxes and jaguars, then added tigers and cats to the range. These proved so popular that we are now planning to expand to new animals, including pandas and wolves.

You can see some pics of bloggers and friends wearing our animal scarves below :)

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