Style Edit: All in Pink!

Today we are all in pink, inspired by the amazing Shirley McClaine in What A Way To Go, except we've turned the look into a summery version :) Enjoy!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Holiday Tops

Dear Friends and Scarf Lovers

It's official, summer has arrived! And for this reason, this month we are sharing our favourite scarf knots to create holiday tops!

The first look is by the fabulous Peony Lim using our SS15 Mermaid Medium Scarf Scarf. For this look you will need to fold two of the opposite corners of the scarf towards the middle to make a thick band, tie it around your body with a big double knot or a bow at the front.

The second Look is by Hermès using two scarves: a long scarf and a medium square scarf. Simply tie the long scarf to one of the corners of the medium scarf and tie around the neck. Next, tie the corners of the square scarf together at the back so it holds around the body.

The last look is from our SS17 look book using two small silk scarves. Simply tie both scarves together on each top corners, and wear it with a belt around the waist to hold it together.

Have a lovely summer everyone, make sure to give these knots a go!


Style Edit: Festival Attire!

Hello darlings! The festival season is well and truly upon us, it's official with Glastonbury taking place this weekend! This is our go-to look, casual and cute with a touch of chic brought by the silk headband!

New Summer Exclusives Online Now

Our Summer Exclusives have just landed and we are jumping over rainbows!

Discover the new additions here!

Style Edit: A Weekend in Paris!

Bonjour! Who's going to Paris this Summer?!

This is our go-to look to show the Parisians some je-ne-sais-quoi, we are keeping it chic and classy with a few red touches on black as well as working out some fun details with the cat sleeves of the blouse and the lipstick detail on the handbag, bisous!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Braided in Scarf Hairstyles

Hello Everyone!

This month, as the weather gets warmer, we want to show you some great hairstyles using braided in scarves. There are a lot of different options using this idea, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite three looks.

The first look is inspired by Frida Kahlo’s legendary hairstyle. For this you will need a long scarf and you will need to prepare your hair in two high pigtails with a neat middle parting. Attach your scarf with each pigtail and then divide each pigtail in three parts, the scarf being one part and braid like you would normally do. Attach at the bottom with a hairband, and pin both braids at the top of your head in the style above.

For the second look you can use pretty much any large or medium silk scarf, which you will need to fold long ways into a band. Place the scarf on your head following your hairline, and attach underneath your hair at the back. Divide your hair in three equal parts and join the two ends of the scarves to them, braid together and attach at the bottom.

For the last look, you will need a square scarf or a long scarf (if you use a square scarf you will need to fold it in half to create a long scarf). Divide your hair into two parts with a neat middle parting, and attach with an elastic hairband to create two pigtails. Attach your scarf to both hairbands, making sure you have the same length on both sides. Braid each side with the scarf, and attach at the bottom with hairbands, and pin at the top, hiding the end of the braids and scarf underneath.

Like this look? Why not give it a try with our skinny cravats?


Our collaboration with Crabtree & Evelyn

We've recently teamed up with Crabtree & Evelyn to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their legendary skincare range 'The Gardeners'! For the occasion we created a silk scarf inspired by the range and by all of you sophisticated gardeners out there!


The scarf is limited edition and comes free when you spend a minimum of £75 in their London stores or online! Enjoy!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Evening Headscarves

Happy May Day Everybody!

This month, our focus is on evening headscarves.
We love how it's such a fun and quick way to dress up for an evening out. We've selected three different looks that we hope will inspire you all.

The first look uses a long scarf wrapped around the hair and knotted on the side of the head. You can let your hair loose at the back or have it up tucked inside, both styles work very well.

The second look is from our SS17 lookbook. We used an animal scarf that we tied around the hair and knotted at the top with a big bow. It is important with this look to cover the ears and to make sure the bow is neat and even.

The third look, worn by the fabulous Greta Garbo, is using a long scarf that goes around the head but doesn't cover the top. It is worn quite low, just above the eyebrows and it is knotted on the side.

Like this look? Give it a try with our Animal Scarves!


Style Edit: The Safari Adventure Look!

That's a look for all of you adventurers, wether you are planning to climb up the hills of Kilimanjaro or going hiking along the British coastal paths, this is a look that's stylish while keeping it practical!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - the 70's cravat knot

Happy 1st April dear readers!

This month we want to focus on the classy 70's cravat knot! It is probably one of the most versatile ways to wear a scarf. As you can see in the pictures below, you can pretty much wear this style for all occasions. From glamourous parties, to work and casual days out! 

For this look we recommend wearing a long scarf, you can also use a square scarf that is rolled inwards to make it long.

SS17 New Additions - Designer Silk Animal Blouses

Style Edit: A Seventies look!

The seventies look is so cool right now, and there's no better accessory than long scarves to get the look! I love wearing the Mini Dalmatian Twilly Scarf tied as a cravate to give this style a modern twist too. 

Headscarf knots as seen on the one and only Audrey Hepburn

Yes March is here and with it comes the occasional rain!!

Fear not dear friend, we have you covered as this month's scarf knot is the headscarf... and who better than the fabulous Audrey Hepburn to show us how to get the look!

For all the headscarves below, you will need square scarves (you can use various sizes depending on whether you want to wear the headscarf tight around the head or not).

You will need to fold the scarf into a triangle by taking each opposite corners and placing it on your head with the fold line following your hairline. You can then either knot underneath your chin at the front or decide to go around the neck and tie the scarf at the back.


Style Edit: The Italian Dolce Vita Look!

Sweetness alert!! This is all I want to wear this weekend, I am currently obsessed with baby pink and pastel yellow, they work so well together and make me dream of the Italian Amalfi coast! So long!