Style Edit: Festive!

Hello! Yay, it's finally that time of the year when it's okay to wear glitters and sequins. We couldn't wait any longer to wear our new poodle scarf, can you see it features little crystals? It's so chic!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot

Happy 1st December Everyone!

It's official, the festive season is upon us and this month we want to show you our most adored
'Necklace Knot'.
We love this knot as it is such a good way to accessorise an outfit!
For this style you will need a square scarf, medium or small. Fold it into a long band by folding the two opposite corners to the middle and fold again. At the centre of the band, make a knot, not too tight, which will look like a big bead. You can either wear this around your neck as shown in the first look or decide to make two more knots on each side of the middle knot as seen in the 2nd and 3rd looks... voila!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Necklace Knot

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This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Side Necktie Knot

Happy 1st of the month!

This month, we love side neckties. It's very stylish and you can do this knot with pretty much any scarf. All you need is a long scarf (or a square scarf folded into a long scarf). Tie it tight around your neck and knot at the side. You can then pull one side at the front and one at the back as worn by David Bowie below

Enjoy darlings

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Side Necktie Knot
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Side Necktie Knot 2
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Side Necktie Knot 3
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - The Side Necktie Knot 4

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Style Edit: Bonfire Night!

With Autumn, comes bonfire night! This season we're keeping warm and we'll look super cute, mixing two of the sweetest colours: pink and green! xxx

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Style Edit: An Autumn Stroll!

It's official, Autumn is upon us and we are very excited about wearing warmer clothes, and getting cosy! It's also time to go on lovely walks to watch the changing colours on trees, one of our favourite walks in London is Richmond Park, this is what we would wear! xxx

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knots - As seen in fashion editorials

Happy 1st of September dear scarf lovers!

This month, with all the various fashion weeks happening in the coolest capitals, we wanted to focus on our favourite scarf knots as seen in fashion magazines! Hoping it will bring some style inspiration to mark the end of the summer :-)

Enjoy darlings

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knots - As seen in fashion editorials 2.jpg
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knots - As seen in fashion editorials cara delevingne 3.jpg
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knots - As seen in fashion editorials 4.jpg
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knots - As seen in fashion editorials 5.jpg
This Month's Favourite Scarf Knots - As seen in fashion editorials pink 6.jpg

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Scarf Bags

Happy 1st August!
This month we are all about knotting our silk scarves into bags. It is such a nice way to wear the scarves when it's too warm and it is also great to show off the pretty scarf prints! Here are two top knots created by Hermés...

Scarf bag scarf knot.jpg

You can create this style with a large or medium scarf. To start with, you will need to knot together two opposite corners making sure the knot is done at the ends which will create a long strap. Knot the remaining two corners together, this time making sure they are holding the content of the bag.

Small scarf bag scarf knot.jpg

For this look, you will need a medium square scarf. Make a knot on each four corners about 10-15cm down then knot together the adjacent corners to create two straps.

Like these looks? Why not give it a try with our medium square scarves?

Style Edit: All in Pink!

Today we are all in pink, inspired by the amazing Shirley McClaine in What A Way To Go, except we've turned the look into a summery version :) Enjoy!

This Month's Favourite Scarf Knot - Holiday Tops

Dear Friends and Scarf Lovers

It's official, summer has arrived! And for this reason, this month we are sharing our favourite scarf knots to create holiday tops!

The first look is by the fabulous Peony Lim using our SS15 Mermaid Medium Scarf Scarf. For this look you will need to fold two of the opposite corners of the scarf towards the middle to make a thick band, tie it around your body with a big double knot or a bow at the front.

The second Look is by Hermès using two scarves: a long scarf and a medium square scarf. Simply tie the long scarf to one of the corners of the medium scarf and tie around the neck. Next, tie the corners of the square scarf together at the back so it holds around the body.

The last look is from our SS17 look book using two small silk scarves. Simply tie both scarves together on each top corners, and wear it with a belt around the waist to hold it together.

Have a lovely summer everyone, make sure to give these knots a go!


Style Edit: Festival Attire!

Hello darlings! The festival season is well and truly upon us, it's official with Glastonbury taking place this weekend! This is our go-to look, casual and cute with a touch of chic brought by the silk headband!

New Summer Exclusives Online Now

Our Summer Exclusives have just landed and we are jumping over rainbows!

Discover the new additions here!

Style Edit: A Weekend in Paris!

Bonjour! Who's going to Paris this Summer?!

This is our go-to look to show the Parisians some je-ne-sais-quoi, we are keeping it chic and classy with a few red touches on black as well as working out some fun details with the cat sleeves of the blouse and the lipstick detail on the handbag, bisous!